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About the Big Library of Free Stuff

Hello and thanks for visiting us today!

We hope you had a great time grabbing all the freebies or coupons you could carry and if you haven't yet... then you best get started and be sure to bookmark or save this site to your desktop as the freebies and free or discount product coupons change daily and you don't want to miss out.

We're a family team of 4 that have been online since 1998 and we each have our own particular specialties; website building, graphic design, advertising & marketing and SEO. This site was launched in 2006 because of the time it took to locate free stuff online (Google searches mostly), as we searched for free stuff our idea was to put many of those links in one place and give our visitors a nice mix of freebies to choose from whether free stuff, coupons or fun links. Back in 20011 we added coupons because of their growing popularity online, then later on added the free flash games section.

One of our biggest issues over the years was a shortage of time so we had to design a site that required the least amount of constant hands on link adding (new freebies) or removing (bad links or expired freebies), so we needed it to be as hands off as possible. We were able to do this by tracking down a company called Freebie Direct which provides free automated content. Our job then became to build this web site from a template, then insert their code to provide much of the free content, easy. So now we can focus on the advertising and marketing aspect of the site and less time fixing bad free stuff links. We now have automatically updated content.



Get your freebies and more!

So that's how it all got started. If you're interested in starting your own hands off freebie web site then I recommend you visit the below sites for the resources you'll need to get you going. I wish you the very best on your free stuff searches!

Recommended Web Site  Affiliate Company List - This is where we learned about webmastering and earning online. Even though it's mainly about earning through affiate programs like Ebay, Amazon and others the basic webmaster, marketing, SEO and traffic generation training was useful and got us headed in the right direction.

Recommended Web Site  Freebie direct - We mentioned this site above, it's where we pull the free code they provide to add content to this site. They had different formats however we stuck to the one that filled the entire page and included images since it looked more interesting but you can choose what you prefer.

Recommended Web Site  Start Logic - That's where this site is hosted. They have some great uptime, a nice webmaster control pannel and the prices are good too with discounts for the longer (2-3 years etc.) hosting plans.

Recommended Web Site  GoDaddy - This is where we registered our domain name, inexpensive and their customer service is amazing. They also allow you to buy and sell domain names (a business in itself) in the domain name auction area, plus they provide web site services and web hosting at some good prices.

Recommended Web Site  Template Monster - They provide web site and blog templates, good selection, good prices and easy to order, download and then use the templates fast.

Recommended Web Site  99 Designs - This is our favorite Logo company. Once you submit what you'd like on your particular project, then dozens of designers get to work and in the end YOU choose the design you like the best, They also design web sites, business cards icons, social media pages, landing pages and more.

Recommended Web Site  Google Adsense - You probably already know about them, but just in case here's a link that covers more of how their ad system works, very good educational information there. We've used them since from the raly days of this site, they have everything you coud ever need.

We also have Site Sponsors that pay to have their banner on this site and others, and we appreciated te trust in use asthey provide the funding required when it comes to domain name registration, site hosting and promotion and advertising, you might have already seen them on the site sponsors page earlier, but if not they're right below too.

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You can become a site sponsor too if you like and have your site listed at the top of the home page and also listed on the site sponsors page (plus up above too of course).

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