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Become a site sponsor and advertise your site
Become a site sponsor and get your web site or blog noticed!
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Advertising your website or blog does NOT need to be expensive. If you're spending $100, $60 or $40 a month riight now we can do much better then those rates and save you money. How would you feel about $20, $16 or $13 dollars a month? It's a small amount that most everyone can afford, even you! What we offer you is your site banner (just like above) where you'll receive unlimited clicks and visitors. Because you're not paying per click or per view your banner is "always" available for visitors to click on 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They see your site, like what they see, then click and visit your website, it's that simple.
Your discount ad rates are based on a yearly price. This is good for you (no monthly payments) and good for us since there's less ad management time. This is not a subscription and it will not automatically renew. After your ad period expires your ad will be removed from the system unless you manually renew 2 weeks before your anniversary date.
Advertise Your Website or Blog
For the $20 a month plan your ad will be shown in the site sponsor advertising system for 1 year, for $16 a month for two years, and for $12 a month it'll be shown for three years:
Banner Advertising Deal  Good Deal (1 year): $20 per month x 12 = $240
Banner Advertising Deal  Better Deal (2 years): $16 per month x 24 = $384 (save a healthy 20% from the 1 year rate)
Banner Advertising Deal  Best Deal (3 years): $12 per month x 36 = $432 (save a whopping 40% from the 1 year rate)

Click below now and start receiving your share of fresh quality web site visitors - and sales!



We're sorry, the Paypal payment button has been temporarily inactivated.

Site Sponsorship Full - Inactive Button

Currently this year's advertisement allotment is full. We limit the number of advertisers so that each receives his or her fair share of targeted visitors through the banner (web site screenshot) advertisement and URL rotator. Once there's an open ad spot the Paypal button will be reactivated.

Please visit again later, if the Paypal button is reactivated then please place your order - thank you!



As soon as we receive confirmation from PayPal that your order has been placed we'll take a screenshot of your web site home page then format it to fit into our site sponsor ad frame which will contain your URL link plus a "Visit Them Today" call to action button. After that we'll load your site sponsor banner into our system and your site banner will be live to the masses! You can expect the set-up process to take place within 24 to 48 hours.

Until we send you a confirmation (via your PayPal email address) of your ad upload, feel free to ask any questions you might have, we'd love to hear from you. Also, as a bonus to you we've contracted with other webmasters to have your banner shown on their web sites and blogs, if you have a hit counter on your home page you can easily track where this additional (and free) bonus traffic is arriving from. Thank you and we look forward to serving your advertising needs for many years to come!

Note: If you'd like your ad banner changed for any reason, simply provide us with your old URL and your new URL and we'll take it from there, there is no charge for this free service.

Please read our refund policy before placing your advertising order, thanks.

Questions? Feel free to contact us:

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